Protected: Narcisism In Video Art – Research

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Drawing Brief 1 Semester Two

•December 26, 2007 • 2 Comments

The object of this brief was to explore layers in photography, either by using double exposure or Photoshop.

My father served in WWII, that’s a photo of his troop in the top left of the image. I also used images from WWI and WWII posters to create the top image.

The second image of Northern Ireland is a montage of a friends photo albums, tshirts, paintings, news headlines and more.


Diptych – Stills for Video 1 and 2

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We had to produce stills for the video work we did so I decided to show a still from each video in a diptych. The image below is a representation of the physical actions of some of those with obsessive compulsive disorder. The second image is a representation of the psychological underpinnings of the disorder.




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This was the result of the first brief in semester one. We had to explore print output and sizes, this was my A3 print.  What do you see in this?  It’s called Lucid Dreamer but a friend said it reminded her of a stalker!  Now there’s an interesting thought, time for some macro shots of my friends eyeballs, lol.


Gigs – Abstracts

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abstract1.jpg abstract4.jpg abstract7.jpg

abstractprebleeders2.jpg abstractprebleeders3.jpg abstract9.jpg

abstract8.jpg abstract7.jpg

The Bleeders: All Ages Album Release Show

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Here’s some photos taken on the night of The Bleeders All Ages album release show held at the Transmission Rooms in Auckland city. Really loud, really heavy and an awesome show.



bleeders2.jpg concert7.jpg concert4.jpg concert1.jpg

bleeders0.jpg concert9.jpg

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Video 1

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A look at the behavioral aspects of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder with a Film Noir aesthetic. Extreme contrast due to single light source. This was the first video I did on the 4 year Bachelor of Design Photography major I’m half way through.